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Professional Accountant Joins TAXMAN!

Welcome Mr. Mohammad F. Islam, FCA! as the new partner and accountant at TAXMAN Inc., to expand our Financial Services, both personal and business. Mr. M.F. Islam, FCA, received his Chartered Accountant designation in Bangladesh, which uses the same international accounting standards as Canada; and Mr. Islam, FCA, has years of experience helping with the Compilation and Reconciliation of Financial Statements, to achieve one’s goal – minimizing tax liabilities.

What does your business need to grow and thrive? How may we help you?

Are you fmiliar with GST forms, T4s, and double entry accounting? Are these tasks easily accomplished or do they take vauable time and energy? Sometimes the paperwork and forms for Revenue Canada can distract us from focusing on what is most important: our business. We are experts at these services and the addition of Mohammad to TAXMAN enables us to serve you even better.  Call us at (902) 431-9355  to set up an appointment and learn how your business can benefit from our income tax services.

We are currently offering a 10% discount for business and accounting services to those who mention they saw it it on our website!