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Income Tax and Accounting Services for Individuals and Business

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Income Tax services

Personal income Tax

Do you need help preparing your T1 personal income tax? Have you applied all of your eligible expenses to lower your taxable income? Ensure you have claimed all eligible tax credits to reduce your tax payable. Do you have a home office or care for a disabled individual? Taxman ((902) 431-9355) can answer any questions to help calculate your income and file your return.

acc and tax services
Tax services for your business

Contact Taxman ((902) 431-9355) for your small business and help with submitting your taxes. We are experts in Canadian tax laws and can help you apply and remit your fair taxes to the CRA for your businesss. How can you derive the maximum benefit from the expenses to run your business to decrease your taxes? Do you need help with Bookkeeping, tracking payroll for your business or sending in your HST returns?

use your income tax refund to Explore The World

What would you like to do with your refund from your income tax return? Take a trip? Buy a luxury item? Replace an aging appliance? The cash  from your income tax refund can provide you with an opportunity for a special purchase or save for the future. 

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Your Tax Refund is for your Dreams!

Where have you always wanted to visit? Paris? The Coliseum in Rome? A safari in Africa? Perhaps you want to use your tax refund to spend a week on a beach and enjoy the sunshine in an exotic location to break up a long winter? The money you receive back from the CRA for your income taxes is yours for a down payment for a car, to buy an appliance or to strike one item off your bucket list!

Use your refund from your income taxes to relax on a beach in an exotic location.
Image of a giraffe. Use your instant refund from the CRA for a trip to Africa!for
Image of the Roman Coliseum. Your tax refund for your personal income taxes could pay for you dream trip!