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Tax Accounting services for your Business

Image showing account ledger for bookkeeping. Taxman offers bookkeeping services for your business.

Professional Bookkeeping Services ensure that every entry is made to maintain an accurate record of the revenue and expenses for your business. We employ the double-entry method of bookkeeping to ensure that your statements are accurate and can be audited.

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Payroll Services

Contact Taxman ((902) 431-9355) for Payroll Services for your business to ensure your employees are paid for their services. Monitoring your payroll makes it easier to complete annual T4 slips in a timely manner and to submit proper CPP and UI amounts to Revenue Canada.

Image with GSTbecause taxman can maintain accurate records for your GST remittance for your business to revenue Canada.
Quarterly HST

We can track your finances to submit your HST remittance to Revenue Canada for . Are you aware of all the expenses that qualify for HST credits in order to reduce your quarterly HST? How often should you file your HST?

image of someone working on a calculator for their annual T2 business tax return. Netfile for submitting your T2 annual tax return to the CRA.
T2 Annual Returns

We are experts at income taxes and CRA tax regulations to maximize business expenses and decrease your income tax payable to Revenue Canada. Let us work for you to ensure you only pay what you owe to the CRA. Are you taking full advantage of your tax credits as well as daily expenses to run your business?


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! Running any business requires you to wear many hats. Let Taxman help your small business by preparing your T2 return. Need help with calculating your business-use-of-home expenses on part 7 of Form T2125? Can you use additional support?

Taxman files your HST returns electronically. HST returns are usually done quarterly and you want to correctly calculate your HST collected, as well as your Input Tax Credits (ITCs) paid. Taxman also provides payroll services,  ensuring employees are compensated accurately and deductions are properly calculated, along with year-end T4s and Records of Employment (ROEs).

The deadline for filing T2 Corporate and Business Tax returns is within six months of the corporation’s year-end. The deadline for a small business that is not incorporated is June 15, unless it falls on a weekend, in which case the deadline is midnight the following Monday, and would be submitted on your T1 tax form.

Yes. Just call or message TAXMAN for your persona and custom service.